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Singh Speech, Language and Reading Intervention

One-on-One Online + Hybrid/In-Person Speech, Language and Reading Intervention Services for Children and Adults

Singh Speech, Language and Reading Intervention


Language expression and comprehension build the foundation for developing reading, spelling, and writing later in childhood. Many children with learning differences like dyslexia also have impaired language skills.

This is why every client's expressive (verbal) and receptive (comprehension) language skills are thoroughly evaluated in addition to reading and writing.


Singh Speech, Language and Reading Intervention
Reading and Literacy Intervention


Literacy skills are thoroughly assessed in the main domains of reading and writing while remediation and one-on-one tutoring incorporates a mulitsensory, systematic, direct means of instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach.



A personalized, holistic approach is taken with each client with their unique speech needs, whether they are a child with a speech/articulation/phonological disorder or an English as a Second/Multiple Language speaker looking for help with improving his/her communicative effectiveness.


Singh Speech, Language and Reading Intervention

How to Start


Contact me at 225-278-6015 or at hello@singhspeech.com to discuss your situation. If you're ready to book an appointment for an evaluation, click the link below titled "Request Appointment". After discussion, I'll email a link to a HIPAA-secured portal where you can access and begin you or your child's new client documentation and screening. Please complete to the best of your abilities and return back.


During our first session we will review/verify information from your new client documentation and complete a speech/language/reading/writing evaluation. Goals will be formed shortly afterward and discussed with the client and their parent/guardian(if applicable). These goals, along with strategies and techniquies for treatment, training or tutoring, will be more thoroughly addressed during the second session. Periodic re-assessments will also occur in order to re-evaluate speech/language skills and update goals accordingly. The client's progress is documented at every session and tracked. We will collaborate with you/your child and any caregivers to create individualized goals with suggested strategies and resources to improve communication effectiveness. All documentation is web-based using an online intake management software that enables us to share documents electronically and receive them back completed and signed before our first appointment. This platform is HIPAA-compliant.


Fees begin at $35/session, depending on the length: 30, 45, or 60-minutes. Click below to see the fee schedule. We are a private pay practice and do not accept insurance at this time.

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